Royal Wedding Watch Party Bingo

Royal Wedding Watch Party Bingo

Who doesn't love a game or two at a party! We do! So we created this fun and interactive Royal Wedding Watch Party Bingo Set for Free. Just add the item to your cart and checkout. You'll be taken to a screen to download your free printable Royal Wedding Watch Party Bingo Cards. 

What's included

10 Different Bingo cards 

We did our best guess to create topics and themes that may or may not be discussed on the wedding day including: Guests arriving, The Royal Family, Prince Harry, Meghan Markle, Fashion including Meghan Markle's Wedding Dress and the amazing hats worn by Guests, Royal Wedding Traditions, Windsor Castle and more. 

Royal Wedding Watch Party Bingo Instructions

Print out a Royal Wedding Watch Party Bingo Card for each guest at your event. Each player crosses off an item as they see or hear it on the tv broadcast. The first player to reach 5 items in a row (diagonal, vertical or horizonal) and yells BINGO wins! 

If you'd like to upgrade your experience consider a prize for the first few winners. Or have everyone "toast" them with a glass of champagne. To make it easy we've curated a list of our favorite themed prizes below. 

Rose Gold Diamond Ring Paper Clips

Rose Gold "Love" Paper Clips

Crown Shaped Cookie Cutter 

Harry & Meghan Paper Doll Book

Harry & Meghan Coloring Book 

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