Is it wedding crunch time?

Is it wedding crunch time

When it comes to wedding planning, there are a few items that you need to have planned and completed pretty far in advance. 

  • Choosing a Wedding Venue. Before you can get married, you need to make certain that you have a location secured that is perfect for you and your fiance. Depending on where you live, wedding locations may fill up quickly! As soon as you set a date, it's time to get it in gear to pick a location for your big day! Definitely, don't delay when it comes to picking a venue. 
  • Wedding invitations Deciding on your guest list and sending out your invitations needs to be planned months in advance. The sooner, the better. Nowadays, many brides send out the "Save the Date" notices about a month or two before they send out the wedding invitations. Not only does this notify the guests that they need to plan on saving that date, but it gives them plenty of notice to plan accordingly on their end as well.

And honestly, once you have the venue, the date, and the invites sent out, the rest of the details start to fall into place. Planning for your big day needs to have a solid framework set, and once that happens your planning can start to relax a bit.

BUT BE CAREFUL. If you become too relaxed, your planning will fall through the cracks and you'll be in total crunch mode. In fact, not only will you be in crunch mode, you'll be stressed out and panicked as well. 

Often times, the bride seems to slow down too much as the wedding starts to near. Don't let that happen to you! Make a list of all the little items that you don't want to forget. As your wedding day gets closer, read that list each and every day. Once you take the time to remind yourself of the items that you just cannot forget, you'll find that you'll start to be a bit more proactive instead of reactive for the planning on your big day. 

The last thing that you want is to feel as though you missed out on something that you truly wanted to have on your wedding day because you failed to plan accordingly. Your big day should focus on the fact that it's everything you dreamed of and you're getting to marry the person of your dreams, not worry about the things that are missing due to your lack of planning. 

And remember, if you do happen to forget a few things and get into that crunch time, keep your head up. Ask your wedding party for their help in getting caught up and getting everything done, and be proud of the fact that you recognized the need to have others help get your big day ready. The more help you have, the more ready you'll be. And as you walk down the aisle on your wedding day, you can smile knowing that you managed to plan and perfect every little detail of your big day.

Jennifer Feldstein