Simple Ideas on What to Do with the Wedding Dress after the Wedding

Simple ideas for your wedding dress after your wedding
  • Clean it, store it and save it for your memories. So many brides decide that they want to save their wedding dress for the rest of their lives, and that is perfectly fine to do! When the times comes to clean it and store it, it can be quite comforting knowing that your wedding dress is nice and neat and packed away but always a close reminder of your big day. 
  • Donate it. To some, the dress was meant to be worn once and that is it. If you are looking for a way to pass it on to someone else, why not think about donating it? There are brides all over the world that would love the chance to have a beautiful wedding dress for their big day! Call around to local places in your town and see if there are options to donate your wedding dress for someone else to use.
  • Let your children use it as play clothes in the future. If you spent good money on your dress and want to make certain that it gets used, why not put it in the dress-up closet for your little ones when they get to be that age? They will LOVE getting to wear such a fancy dress and love knowing that they can put it on and prance around the house. Plus, it will be super fun for you as well to get to see your wedding dress again and again on a consistent basis! 
  • Save it for your daughters to wear on their wedding day. While your daughters may not want to wear your wedding dress on their wedding day, it's a fun idea to be able to give them that option! Clean it, and store it for them for when they get older. It's a great thing to offer them to use if they should decide that they want to!
  • Make someone fun out of it that you can display in your home. If you loved a certain aspect of your wedding dress, why not make something fun from it that you can show off in your home? A pillow made from the lacework or something fun along those lines is a great way to get some more everyday use out of the wedding dress! 

When it comes to finding new and unique ways to give that wedding dress a second life, have fun with the ideas! Keep in mind that a decision doesn't have to be made right away either! You never know exactly what your heart and mind may feel a few years down the road so if you decide to keep it and then donate or use later for something else, you absolutely have that option! There is nothing wrong with waiting a bit after your wedding day to make a decision on how you want to use your wedding dress, or if you even do! It's your dress and your decision! 

Jennifer Feldstein