See a Dress You Want on The Last Minute Bride Site? Nab it Right Now!


We totally get it. Selecting and purchasing a wedding dress is a really big deal, and you only get to do it once (hopefully!). As you look around our website, you may notice that our designer dresses are priced much lower than retail (sometimes discounted as much as 85%!), which is fantastic for your wedding budget! It also means that these dresses? Well, they’re not around too long before someone buys them. 

From our experience, there’s something you need to know about shopping at The Last Minute Bride: if you see something you like – something that you could totally imagine yourself wearing as you walk down the aisle and commit your life to another human being – snap it up right away!

How Our Business Can Work for You

When it comes to the world of wedding dresses, most bridal salons require months before they can finalize your dress; they have to order it, alter it, and make any final adjustments before the big day – it’s a long process.

Fortunately for you, that’s not how we work! Our dresses come from all over the place. We have been in the bridal business for over 15 years and have cultivated connections directly with designers, high-end boutiques and other top-secret sources (every woman has her secrets, doesn’t she?).

Thanks to these connections, we can offer some of the most popular designer wedding dresses inexpensive and for affordable prices... so you can get your hands on that beautiful Maggie Sottero/Fiore Couture/other wildly expensive designer dress you’ve been dreaming of without crippling your wedding budget!

Because of this wonderful situation, our stockroom is always changing and it’s not too often that we have more than one of the same dress available at a time. We always try to keep a nice mix in our storeroom.

This means that dresses are being shipped to brides across the world every day, and h. The only way to keep things fair is to have a first come, first serve policy – that means that the first one to pay gets the dress... so if you see a dress you absolutely must have, make sure you’re the first one to pay!

Be sure to check out our FAQ page for more detailed information on how we work.

Make Sure You See First Picks

Okay, so maybe it sounds a little scary when you read the above section (is your heart pounding a little faster?). We truly don’t want to push you into a decision because we understand that this is a very important purchase! We’re committed to doing our very best to make sure that each bride who visits our site ends up with a dress that puts a giant smile on her face on the big day.

That said, sometimes taking two weeks to decide if a dress is right for you will be two weeks too long and the dress will be sold by the time you circle back. In this scenario, we will add your name to our waitlist (more details below) and work with you to help you find the perfect dress.

Here’s what you can do to make sure that you’re the first to know when new dresses arrive:

Follow Us on Facebook

We love our Facebook fans, and they get first pick! Whenever we get new dresses in stock, we blast it out on Facebook before doing anything else. Want to stay in the loop? Click HERE to “like” and follow us on Facebook!


Join Our Mailing List

After we’ve announced the new arrivals via Facebook, we’ll send out an email to our mailing list. This is a good way to make sure you’re getting the updates, especially if you don’t check Facebook every day. Click HERE to join our mailing list (we send out some fun goodies, so it will be worth it!).


Put Yourself on Our Watch List

Purchasing a wedding dress should be a personal experience, not just an interaction with a computer! If you’re looking for something specific, let us know. Our buyers will keep their eyes peeled for dresses that are on our watch list and keep open lines of communication with brides who want something specific.

Drop us a note HERE to let us know what you’re looking for! When we have an idea of your preferred designer, color, size, budget, etc., our team of bridal stylists can make recommendations as well.

Here at The Last Minute Bride, we love working with brides to help them create their dream wedding dress shopping experience and we’re so happy that you found your way to our site! Be sure to catch our new arrivals HERE and please share with any other brides you know who are in search of the perfect dress!

Jennifer Feldstein