Feeling Body-Conscious? Tips for Looking Fabulous No Matter Your Dress Size

Looking fabulous for your wedding at any size

Tips for Looking Fabulous No Matter Your Dress Size

  • Let that inner-confidence shine. You are beautiful. You have moxie, and on your wedding day, you are the star of the show. Why not start your day oozing self-confidence in knowing that you are going to rock that walk down the aisle in your perfect-for-you wedding dress?
  • Invest in a good bra. Help to shape the upper half of your body by investing in a good bra that compliments you and your wedding dress of choice. It may be tempting to forgo the bra, but most times, a bra is typically needing when it comes to a wedding dress to help maintain the structure and the form. 
  • Spanx it. All females, no matter their size love Spanx. And trust us when we say that all females have more than likely used Spanx at one point in time in their life. To be honest, it's simply awesome. It helps to hold shape, boost areas that need a little boosting, and just gives every contour of the body nice lines as well. While it may get a little tight after a while, it's worth it. And the best part? Spanx fits nice and discreet under wedding dresses!
  • Bling it out. While the hours after your wedding (and for the rest of your life!)  you'll be wearing some bling on your right hand from your wedding ring, why not add some gorgeous eye-catching jewelry for when you walk down the aisle as well? And don't hold back! Have fun with your style on your wedding day by really showcasing your style for jewelry options. There are a ton of gorgeous options out there that can be a great compliment to your wedding dress. If you have a simple and classic wedding dress, add a pop of "wow" with some extravagant jewelry choices. And one of the most classic jewelry looks for a wedding? A string of white pearls. The choice is yours!
  • Rock the high heels. Nothing makes a girl feel fabulous like a gorgeous pair of heels. And on your wedding day? You can wear any ones that you would like. We've seen 'em all. Hot pink, jeweled, and even clear Cinderella-type ones...and guess what? Each and every one of them was absolutely stunning. 
  • Hire a professional to do your makeup. While you may be perfectly capable of doing your own makeup, why would you want to on your wedding day? It's your day to be pampered, so get pampered! Being able to relax and sip a bit of champagne while someone else is in charge of getting your eyes, cheeks, and lips beautified? Yes, please! Sounds like an awesome way to look and feel fabulous on your wedding day!

In all reality, your dress size has nothing to do with the beauty that surrounds you and your wedding day. Get that notion out of your head, and start focusing on all the ways that you can feel fabulous by having fun getting all dolled up for your big day. Don't forget that the true beauty of the day is in the fact that you are marrying your best friend, to spend the rest of your life together as one. There's nothing more beautiful than that!

Jennifer Feldstein