3 Reasons to Buy Your Wedding Dress NOW and not Wait

Three Reasons to Buy your Wedding Dress Now

3 Reasons to Buy Your Wedding Dress NOW and not Wait

  1. If you don't buy it now, someone else will. And once that happens, your dress will either be gone for forever or you stand the chance of not being able to get another dress like it. Why wait if you find that special dress? Go with your heart and your gut and if it's telling you that this is the dress that you need to wear on your wedding day, grab it up!
  2. The price may change. The wedding dress industry is a business just like any other. Some days, specials are run on certain dresses causing that price point to be lower than normal. If you stumble upon a great sale, it's important to take advantage of it and get that dress. The longer that you wait, the better chance that the sale could end or again, someone else will grab it up. I've seen dresses that were on sale for half-price but the bride-to-be wanted to wait just one more day...and that one more day caused that sale to be over and done with and she had to pay full price for the dress of her dreams. Ouch, talk about starting off the wedding dress emotions on the wrong foot.
  3. The longer you wait, the more frustrated you may get. There are literally thousands of different dress options out there to choose from and the more and more that you view, the more they all start to run together. And while it's fun to take your time and look at all the different options, it's just as important to make a decision based on your initial gut reaction as well. If you keep looking, there will always be dresses that could cause you to second guess yourself and your choice. In the long run, it's a huge time saver and sanity saver to just pick one of the first initial ones that you fell in love with and focus all your positive energy on that.

Wedding dress shopping should be a time of fun and excitement! You are getting to spend hours looking at beautiful, elegant and downright stunning wedding dresses where you'll ultimately pick one to be walking down the aisle in. Seriously, how awesome is that? If during your wedding dress hunt you start to feel stressed out or feel that it's lost the appeal, it's time to take a step back and re-evaluate everything that you've looked at to this point. More than likely, you are being super hard on yourself as well and you've probably overlooked a couple of stellar dress options that deserve a revisit. Take a deep breath, refocus yourself and your positive energy and have fun trying on those dresses and start feeling like a princess again! Picking out your wedding dress is a once in a lifetime opportunity, so the moment that you fall in love with one, make the choice and make it yours!

Jennifer Feldstein