Simple Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Décor

Recycle your wedding decor

Simple Ways to Recycle Your Wedding Decor

Sell that wedding dress. What is old for you, may be just perfect for someone else. If you don't see the point in keeping your dress for sentimental reasons, who says that you have to? Recycle your wedding dress by selling it to someone else to walk down the aisle in!

Preserve your bouquet for years to come. The wedding bouquet that you walked down the aisle with will always hold a special place in your heart. Instead of trashing it when the night is done, dry it out and let it live on for many more years. You can dry the flowers out individually to do what you choose with, or dry the bouquet altogether and have it be a gorgeous centerpiece on your dining table. You'll love walking into the room and seeing your wedding bouquet each and every day.

Donate your wedding decorations. Did you know that there are a ton of brides out there that are looking for a budget-friendly way to decorate for their wedding? Why not pass on some of your decorations or donate them to a friend or fellow bride in need? With your big day over, there is no need to keep all those decorations for a rainy day. Donate them and watch the creativity unfold to see how those decorations are reused and recycled for another wedding.

Add a pop of color to your wedding heels. If you went with the classic white heels for your wedding day, why not give them new life by dying them a fun and sassy color? Wedding heels are beautiful, but it can be totally hard to find a way to wear them again with them being white in color. Pink, purple, green and red all seem like stellar color choices to add that pop of color to your heels. They'll look like completely different shoes when you are done!

Think ahead and send home wedding food! After a long day of wedding, dancing, and fun the last thing that you'll want to worry about is figuring out what to do with all those leftovers. Be proactive and have some fun and classy "to-go" boxes for your guests to take some of that food home! Leftovers of delicious wedding food? Yes, please! Make certain to make an announcement at the reception to let your guests know that they are expected to help with the overload of food, and trust'll have no problem getting rid of those leftovers.

Display your cake topper proudly. Aren't cake toppers just the cutest? And who says that once the wedding cake is gone, the cake topper has to be put away as well? Instead, make room for that little beauty on a shelf in your house. It's a fun and easy memento to remind you of the happiness that surrounded your wedding day!

No matter how you choose to recycle your wedding items, think outside the box to get it done. Don't be wasteful by just throwing items in the trash! You spent so much time and money on all your beautiful wedding decor that it would be an absolute shame to not share it with others! The great part about recycling wedding decor? Once you show how easy it is to do, you'll be setting the standard for all the other brides out there to follow as well!

Jennifer Feldstein