Are You Stuck With a Wedding Dress That You Don’t Really Love? Here’s What to Do!

find a wedding dress you love

If you find yourself counting down the days until your wedding and stuck with a dress in your closet that’s not the right one, you’re not alone! We see it all the time here at The Last Minute Bride.

Brides come to us after they’ve somehow ended up with the wrong dress and they need an affordable solution quickly.

Maybe they’ve been talked into buying a dress that they don’t really love, or maybe they had an unexpected pregnancy and suddenly that form-fitted mermaid dress doesn’t seem like such a good idea. Sometimes brides tell us that their aunt/cousin/mother/sister offered to make their dress and it just isn’t working out, or maybe they just plain old don’t like the dress they bought two years ago.

Whatever the reason (and by the way, any reason is just fine – heck, it’s your special day! You only get one shot at it!), there are many solutions to this quandary. Let us offer a few suggestions.

We Can’t Buy Your Dress from You, But...

A lot of brides in this situation want to know if we purchase dresses from individuals. Unfortunately, we cannot buy your dress from you or exchange it for one of ours. However, we do suggest that you sell your dress on your own!

Craigslist and eBay are great places to start if your dress is in decent condition. One of our favorite sites is also before and after your wedding (this site charges a nominal $25 fee for listing your dress, but it’s very easy to use – and effective!). Chances are, there’s another bride out there looking for just the dress you’re trying to give the slip.

Now the Fun Part: Purchasing a New Dress!

Some brides tell us, “I can’t start looking for a new dress until I sell the first dress because I don’t have the money!” We hear you. That can be a really stressful situation and not fun at all, especially because often, time is a huge factor when it comes to finding the new dress.

That’s where The Last Minute Brides swoops in with some great solutions

Even if your first dress takes a couple months to sell, you can still choose a dress from our website that fits the bill. How? We offer incredible payment plans and fast shipping wedding dresses to help you get the dress paid off in a timely manner that won’t break your bank.

We’re dedicated to getting you on a plan that works for your finances AND makes you feel inspired about your big day again! Often, brides will put down $100 to hold the dress and make payments every two weeks from there.

We’ll work together to create a transition on your terms that reduces stress big time and puts the magic back into your wedding celebration.

...Or Just Wear Both!

Many brides that have trouble choosing between two dresses opt to wear both. They’ll don the most formal dress for the wedding ceremony, and sneak out to change their dress before the reception. Two dresses... two pairs of shoes... two sets of jewelry? We’ll cheers to that – it sounds like a blast!

Imagine getting married in front of all your friends and family wearing a beautiful A-line and then slipping into the playful mini-dress to dance your butt off at the reception!

No matter your situation, we’re here to help you work through it. If you’re looking for something in particular or would like assistance sorting through your dress options, shoot us an email at today. We can’t wait to help you make your big day a dazzling success!

Jennifer Feldstein