How Many Bridesmaids Does it Take to Choose a Wedding Dress?

choosing a wedding dress with your bridesmaids

When it comes to shopping for and choosing the right wedding dress, we have a motto here at The Last Minute Bride: be true to yourself!

Every bride deserves a dress that makes her feel like a million bucks when she slips it on for the big day. In order for you to find and select that dress, sometimes you have to be brutally, wholly and completely you – and sometimes too many bridesmaids in the kitchen can make that tricky.

Y’know what we mean?

The Problem with “What Do You Think?”

Every girl has at least one special person she wants to show the dress before she purchases. That’s great and it can be super helpful if those people are supportive and want to play a positive role in the festivities.

After that one or two people, how many opinions do you really need in order to choose a dress? There are brides that want to ask every single bridesmaid, every family member and every friend. Sometimes that’s a lot of fun – especially if all your friends are really supportive!

But sometimes, the trouble with asking everyone “What do you think?” is that most of the time they’ll tell you what they think and you’ll have 14 opinions flying back at you! That’s fine if you really want to know, but trying to choose a dress by committee can be really exasperating.

A Great Solution

Sometimes this happens because brides feel guilty that they’re not including the entire bridal party in the occasion. The solution? A post-shopping celebration!

Let’s say you have your sister and your mom help you choose the dress. After you’ve purchased it, invite all your bridesmaids out to drinks or lunch to tell them all about the experience! They’ll feel included without unknowingly pressuring you to choose one dress over another.

All your bridesmaids aren’t going to fall in love with your dress, no matter how much you love it. There will be some people who might not like it, but that’s okay! They don’t get to wear it – it’s your special day, and your special dress, and if you want to pair cowboy boots with an ostrich feather mini dress for a wedding in a barn, that’s your choice!

It’s Fun to Keep the Mystery Alive

You know that moment when you go to a wedding where everyone stands up and turns around to watch the bride walk down the aisle?

That moment is not only an instant where everyone is beaming love and support in your direction, it’s also a moment where they’re thinking, “I can’t wait to see what she’s wearing!”

Trust us, people wonder about it before the wedding. It’s fun for them!

A great thing about keeping your dress a secret from most people is that everyone will be surprised when you finally reveal yourself. You get to make your big entrance in a dress that really, truly feels like you. How special is that?

You Don’t Have to Cry for the Dress to be “The One”

And by the way, it’s a total myth that every bride cries when she finds “the one.” You don’t have to cry when you buy your wedding dress or when it arrives in the mail – you can smile instead if that feels more natural!

We see some brides sort through many, many dresses in search of the one that makes them cry. But you know what? If you find a dress that you love, that’s enough of a reason to buy it! If you can imagine yourself walking down the aisle and feeling great about yourself in that dress, chances are that it’s the one... and if you don’t feel like shedding tears, that’s just fine!

Most of all, let your wedding dress shopping experience be you! How cool would it be to able to say, “I found my wedding dress while wearing my favorite pair of yoga pants, drinking a glass of wine and with Fido by my side. Oh, and did I mention that it was raining outside... and I didn’t get wet!”?

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Jennifer Feldstein