19 Ways to Enjoy the Royal Wedding with Friends

  1. Channel your inner bride. You've heard of vision boards, right? Why not create your own "bride board" on how you think the Royal Wedding will look. Then, once you are viewing the day of, you can compare notes and see how your wedding tastes align with the Royal party.
  2. Record it. If you want to enjoy the Royal Wedding, why not record it? That way, when you are feeling as though you want to watch it again, and again, and again....you can. Can one truly get tired of viewing the most anticipated wedding of the year?
  3. Binge watch it. Yes, clear your entire day and night as there are certain to be pre-shows and post-shows and everything else in between. There is no shame is sitting on the couch and not moving until you have to!
  4. Join our Royal Wedding online watch party on Facebook. Can you imagine anything better than to be able to be virtually surrounded by other online watchers that are just as ecstatic about viewing the royal wedding as you are? And the best part of an online watch party? You can connect with others from all over the world, no matter where they are located or what time zone they are in. Plus, I’ll be on Facebook LIVE reporting to you from Windsor!
  5. Cater your taste buds to the time zone that you're in. If the royal wedding happens to be at 3 AM where you are, then celebrate with the fanciest homemade breakfast that you can. Tea is a must (of course!) and pair it up with something rich and decadent as well.
  6. Play our Royal Wedding Bingo. There may be a bit of downtime with all the excitement going on so try to keep it lively by joining us in a game of Royal Wedding bingo. Grab your free printable bingo cards once you’re a part of our Facebook group. Challenge just yourself, or your friends to see who can find the items listed first on your bingo card when watching the live wedding event.
  7. Gather up all the bridesmaids from your wedding and have a fun party. Watching the royal wedding with all your best gals from your own wedding? Sounds like a perfect way to spend the day.
  8. Send out your own "wedding invites" to have your friends watch the wedding party with you. Sure, they may be wedding invites...but they don't have to technically be for your own wedding, right? I'm sure that Prince Harry and Meghan wouldn't mind you sending a few invites out to have a few of your closest friends join in on the celebration. After all, the guest list is way over a million already, so what's a few more?
  9. Set up a fun royal wedding themed food table for you and your friends to enjoy. Fish and chips? Bangers and mashed potatoes? Tea and crumpets? Sounds fabulous and perfectly themed for the big day!
  10. Incorporate a friendly game of "Cheers" with your friends every time the TV announcer says the words "royal wedding" together in a sentence. You can choose a beverage (alcoholic or not) of your choice, and be prepared to sip the night away. Every time a reporter on TV who is providing coverage of the royal wedding says those two words together, raise your class in the air, yell "cheers" and take a sip. Each and every time. Be careful, and have fun!
  11. Create a fun British craft with your children. It's a once-in-a-lifetime event so why not let your little ones view a portion of it and be in on the fun? Think tank on an awesome British themed craft that you can do with them to educate them on the history, importance and the culture of the royal wedding.
  12. Have a telephone booth photo prop for those royal wedding selfie breaks. You're planning on watching every moment of the royal wedding, so why not have a timeline of photos to record you as well. What better prop to have in the background than a London telephone booth?
  13. Bake up some "Crown Cookies" and snack in style. Baking is such a fun way to incorporate themes into your plans, and with "crown cookies" or "royally" iced cupcakes, your treats are sure to be a hit!
  14. Snapchat your thoughts to your friends and family who don't live near. See something interesting and what to let someone know right then and there? That's why snapping and chatting were invented. Stay in touch with all your besties during the royal wedding by having your own instant live feed of your views of the royal wedding.
  15. Grab a tiara! Nothing feels fancier than a royal wedding, right? Break out the fanciest dress or outfit that you own, and then really OWN it. Pull out all the stops, and make yourself look like true royalty. Browse our tiaras and be prepared to feel like part of the Royal festivities!
  16. Set your timer for the wedding only. The best part of being about the enjoy the royal wedding is that you can do that any way that you want to. Not a huge fan of all the interviews and talking by the announcers? Totally understandable. Plan on just setting your timer to the time of the wedding that you want to be watching, and then go about the rest of your day. Not everyone has the day to spend watching in its entirety but you can still tune in for one of the best parts!
  17. Wear the fanciest and boldest hat that you own and see how it compares to the guests arriving at the royal wedding. Your style may be on point with the royals!
  18. Decorate, decorate, and then decorate some more. Fresh flowers, banners, balloons..the whole nine yards! Is there a way to go too over-the-top with the decorations for this royal wedding? We think not.
  19. Stream it live from wherever you are. Let's face it...with all the different time zones all over the world, some people will be working, some will be sleeping, and some will more than likely miss it due to the time zone changes. The great thing about technology? No matter where you are, or what you are doing, during the royal wedding, you can live stream it from anywhere. Sitting in traffic, stuck? No worries, you've got a wedding to tune it to. Where there's a will, there's a way!

We've provided quite the extensive list of different ways to enjoy watching the royal wedding, but there are still so many great ideas out there. No matter how you want to watch it, just make it happen! The beauty and magnificence of this wedding will be talked about for years to come. Find a way to enjoy watching and being a part of it to make your own royal wedding memories that will last forever in your memory.

Jennifer Feldstein