19 Royal Wedding Themed Desserts to Serve at Your Watch Party

  1. Royal Blue Iced Cupcakes. Who can deny cupcakes topped with icing that was meant for this very royal moment? Keep them simple or decorate them as elegant as you want!
  2. Tea Cakes. Tea cakes are not overly sweet but still fall into that dessert category. They are a great way to offer your watch party guests an option that would go perfectly with a bit of coffee or tea.
  3. White Powdered Donuts. Let's be truthful...donuts aren't just for breakfast anymore. They make an awesome option to have for dessert, and white donuts (for the bride, of course!) make a fun addition to your wedding themed desserts.
  4. Fruitcake. Your Royal Wedding watch party absolutely needs a fruitcake as a remembrance of Princess Diana. She had a fruitcake at her wedding, so the tradition shall continue on at your watch party.
  5. Scones. Everyone loves a good scone. Whether it be used to dip in coffee, tea, or just topped with a bit of fruit and whipped cream, your watch party just wouldn't be the same if scones weren't there!
  6. Crown cookies. Super simple to make, and adorable at that! All you need to make these cookies stand out is basic sugar cookie dough and a crown cookie cut out. Viola, easy as that, you've created the most adorable crown cookies ever. Perfect for a Princess!
  7. Bread pudding. While this may be a unique dessert to have for your guests at your watch party, it's one that is actually quite popular in England. Channel your inner baker and have fun creating a deliciously warm and gooey bread pudding that is sure to steal the show.
  8. Truffles. ANYTHING truffles. Nothing screams fancy and royal like truffles dusted in light sugar or swirled with beautiful designs.
  9. Fruit Princess Wands. Give your guests an option that is healthy, and yummy, with fun Fruit Princess Wands. Cut out fun shapes from your fruit of hearts and stars and place them on a bamboo skewer, making them easy to pick up and eat as well.
  10. Mini Wedding Cakes. The kicker? It's actually just a few cookies stacked together to appear multi-tiered then filled in with icing between the layers. Not only are they cute and themed appropriately, they are super yummy to eat too!
  11. Wedding Cake Pops. Why not make a few fun flavors of "wedding cake", and turn them into cake pop fun. No one can deny the taste and fun associated with eating cake pops. No one.
  12. Watermelon Fruit Salad. Did you know that one of Meghan Markle's favorite foods is watermelon? Having a watermelon fruit salad at your watch party is an absolute must!
  13. Caramel Banana Cake. If you are going to have the favorite "dessert" food of Meghan, then you have to also have the favorite dessert food of Prince Harry. And let us be the first to agree...this cake sounds amazing!
  14. Chocolate Covered Strawberries. Is there another dessert out there that screams romance like chocolate covered strawberries? A perfect addition for your watch party fans.
  15. Heart-Shaped Cinnamon Rolls. Warm cinnamon rolls are perfect for dessert, but then take them to that next level by using a heart-shaped cookie cutter for your Royal Wedding dessert bar. Cinnamon rolls and wedding bells? True love.
  16. Wine. Can wine truly be a dessert all by itself? Absolutely...you've heard of dessert wine, right? We can't think of a better dessert to have available for your guests.
  17. Engage"mints". One of the best dessert options and play on words, ever. Say goodbye to Prince Harry and Meghan's engagement, and hello to their newly married status with these fun and delicious cream cheese mints.
  18. Wedding Cake. Why not throw the most epic watch party ever and make and decorate your very own wedding cake? Take turns having your guests cut their own piece of wedding cake and posing for the camera as well!
  19. Champagne Popsicles. Everyone loves champagne, but how many people can say that they were at a Royal Wedding watch party with champagne popsicles? Our guess...probably not very many. Channel your inner child's love of popsicles, but make them adult-only for the wedding of the year!

The desserts above are all royally great options for desserts to serve at your upcoming Royal Wedding watch party. They are all fun, delicious and sure to compliment the wedding-binge watching that you and your friends plan on doing on May 19th. If you can't narrow it down to a few, why not have them all? It's always good to have options, and by planning and preparing ahead of time, you'll be able to have an epic dessert bar for your guests at your Royal Wedding watch party!

Jennifer Feldstein