19 Things You Might Be Drinking Around the World During the Royal Wedding

  1. Red Bull. If you are planning on binge-watching like we are during the Royal Wedding, then Red Bull may be something that you need to have in stock for those much-needed spurts of energy to stay focused and on track. 
  2. Beer. Any type of beer will work, right? Nothing says wedded bliss like a delicious ice-cold beer. Grab a pack of your favorite or head down to the local brew or pub and fill up a pint, or two, or your choice.
  3. Screwdriver. Depending on the time of day that you decide to start taking a few sips, a vodka-infused screwdriver may be just the perfect pairing to watch the Royal Wedding. A bit of Vitamin C to go along with your drink? Sounds like a perfectly suited choice to us.
  4. English Tea. Tea and crumpets, anyone? What a perfect drink to match a perfect Royal Wedding. Cheers! And don't forget...when you sip, pinky up!
  5. Punch. Nothing says wedding like a classic punch. Spruce it up by adding a few fun flavors, or mix in a bit of ice cream to make it a real treat. 
  6. Good ol' H20. Hydration is key when spending all day watching the Royal Wedding! While you can sprinkle in other fun drinking options throughout the day, don't forget to get a bit of water in that mix as well! 
  7. Coffee. Sipping on coffee, surrounded by your family and friends and getting to watch the most epic wedding of the year? Sounds like the perfect way to keep that energy going throughout the day.
  8. Wine. Red, white, sweet or dry...does it truly matter when it comes to wine? Find a local wine that is made in your city, state, or country and pop that cork! Nothing screams fancy quite like a nice glass of sipping wine.
  9. Sake. If you find that you want to branch out a bit and try something that pairs well with some of the food items that you may be serving during your watch party, Sake just may be the flavor that you are searching for. The best part about Sake? It can be served hot or cold, and goes well with just about anything! It's definitely a sipper but packed full of great flavor.
  10. Champagne. Don't forget the bubbly! Champagne is the drink of choice for many luxurious weddings and people of power. (and royalty!) If you've been waiting to use your delicate champagne flutes, the time is now!
  11. Mimosas. Keep that champagne flowing and create the perfect pairing with orange juice to mix a refreshing Mimosa. Tastes delicious as a breakfast drink, or at any point in time throughout the day.
  12. Gin. The Queen herself has been known to supposedly indulge in one of her favorite drinks where gin is present as one of the main ingredients. The concoction? It's basically a bit of gin mixed with a little wine (Dubonnet) and garnished with a slice of lemon. Intrigued? Give it a go! Sounds like the perfect drink to have on hand during the viewing of the Royal Wedding.
  13. Milkshakes. If you stay away from the alcoholic beverages and are opting for something to sip on that is just a bit sweeter, why not consider making your drink of choice a milkshake? In fact, make it the best milkshake possible with whipped cream, toppings and anything else that you want to add to it. Plus, if you're planning on watching the Royal Wedding with children present, they'll be ecstatic to be able to make and drink their own milkshake creation.
  14. Cider. Isn't cider one of the best drinks to drink during the spring and summer? That warm air paired with the flavors of fruit? Take it a step further and sip on a bit of cider during the Royal Wedding day. Apple cider is always a winner, and really bring out those flavors by adding some fresh cinnamon.
  15. Soda. Sometimes, all we need is just a bit of that refreshing soda to enjoy and relax. With so many soda options available, pick out a few that you and your guests will like and don't forget the ice! No one likes warm soda, right?
  16. Milk. Now, while that may sound like an odd beverage to have on hand for you and your guests during the viewing of the Royal Wedding, just hear us out...You're going to be spending the day binge-watching the Royal Wedding and eating all those desserts and sweets that you've spent countless hours making (or buying). Is there any drink out there that goes better with dessert and chocolate than milk? We think not. Grab a jug or two and have it on hand, just in case. Trust us on this one...you'll be happy you did.
  17. Grappa. Channel your inner Italian with this drink of choice from Italy. It's a slow sipper but has a good aftertaste that you'll come to appreciate the more you sip.
  18. Lemonade. Iced lemonade, frozen lemonade, or even flavored lemonade are all great options to have on hand to drink during the watching of the Royal Wedding. Spring and summer just aren't complete without a warm breeze and a lemonade in hand.
  19. Juice. Grape juice, orange juice, apple juice, vegetable juice...it's totally up to you! There are so many delicious and refreshing juices out there to choose from and sip on, that it's possible to not be able to choose just one. A great alternative to an alcoholic beverage and is something that anyone of all ages can enjoy!

Whew! That's a ton of awesome drink choices that anyone from all over the world may be enjoying while watching the Royal Wedding. While we feel it's a pretty encompassing list, what do you think? Did we leave any off, or are there drinks that you feel are a MUST to add? Let us know what you'll be drinking when watching the Royal Wedding. Remember, it's less than one month away!

Jennifer Feldstein