How to Choose a Bridesmaid Dress that People Actually Like

choosing a bridesmaid dress

How to choose a bridesmaid dress that people actually like

  • Ask your bridesmaids what type of dress that they would like to wear. Plain and simple, right? If they are the ones wearing them, why not let them have an input on the dress that they are going to wear. Beware that they won't all agree on this, but it's still good to ask. There's nothing worse in a bridesmaid's mind than having to have a dress just sit in their closet that they are never going to wear again, ever.
  • Choose one based on the current trends and style. Fashion is fashion for a reason. If the current wedding season is showing a trend on a style of bridesmaids dresses that seem to be really popular and are loved by all, then why not have this as a marker for how you envision on your big day? You'll have current fashion with an overall approved trend by all.
  • Let your bridesmaids choose and wear their own choice of dress. While this may be a bit more unconventional, it's actually picking up quite a bit of popularity as well. Think of the fact that each and every member of your bridal party is shaped differently and what looks good on one, will not look good on all. Plan an overall color, and let your bridesmaids have fun in the choice of dress that flatters them and their body the most. It actually makes for quite a fun scene and picture on your wedding day to see them all wearing the same color of dress, but different styles. Not only will it be unique, but they'll feel super happy and confident as well.
  • Have them custom made. What if you just can't find a bridesmaids dress that makes everyone happy? Have a think tank session with your girls and design your own, of course! It's so much fun to talk colors, lengths, style and everything else associated with the dress that by the end, you'll stand the possibility of creating a bridesmaid dress that is truly epic.

And last but not least, make your choice based upon what YOU like. If you have a dress that you've always dreamed of your bridesmaids wearing, make it happen. Follow your gut and your instinct and follow with what you envision the day to look like. If you are happy when the choice, then that is a great feeling as well. And the more that you are confident in the choice of dresses for your party, the more excited that they will be as well. Let them have fun adding some fun jewelry and accents to really make the dresses their own, and start booking and planning those appointments for their hair and makeup. Once you have their dresses chosen, the rest is just planning out the small details to complete!

Jennifer Feldstein