Newly Engaged? Fun Ways to Share the Engagement News

Fun Ways to Share your Engagement

Fun ways to spread your engagement news subtly and not so subtly!

  • Instagram it. A picture says a thousand words, right? Simply upload a picture of your hand and the ring, and won't take long before you start getting comments, texts, and phone calls! 
  • Mail an engagement announcement. Everyone loves getting mail that isn't bills! Why not take some cute and fun photos of you and your fiancé and drop them in the mail for all the receive? Nothing like telling 500 of your closest friends in one easy step! Plus, if you're financially savvy like us, you can double your engagement announcement and also make it a save-the-date card! Total win!
  • Say it with sand. And not just any sand, but sand from the beach where you *might* have just gotten proposed to. Nothing says romance like two names drawn in the sand.
  • Host an engagement party. But the kicker? Don't tell anyone coming that it's actually an engagement party. All the attendees will just think that they are arriving for a fun evening and a few drinks, and then you and your fiancé can drop the news on them and watch their surprised faces react!
  • Make it Facebook "official". No news travels quicker than something that's been announced on Facebook, right? Just post one single post with the word "YES", and wait for someone ask the question of what you said "yes" to. Then, it's your time to shine and to announce to the world your upcoming nuptials.
  • Don't say a word and see how long it takes for people to notice the ring on your finger. If you can't decide how to announce your engagement, who says that you have to? Instead of racking your brain for the perfect way to announce, why not just play the wait and see game about who will be the first to spot your rock? And the one who does may surprise you! 
  • Involve your pet somehow in the announcement. The possibilities could be endless with this one, but somehow involve your fur baby in the engagement announcement if possible. One super simple and fun idea would be to loop the ring around their collar and ask your parents to leash 'em up to go for a walk. They're certain to do a double take once they see a diamond ring tied to a dog collar. 

Whatever way you and your fiancé choose to spread the news, have fun doing so! The options and ideas are endless in ways to let your closest family and friends in on your engagement. Plan to announce it exactly like you've imagined, and have fun with the reactions and results. 

Akilah Thompkins-Robinson