Wedding Jewelry You Can Wear Again

wedding jewelry you can wear again

Wedding Jewelry that You Can Wear Again and Again

  • earrings for your weddingEarrings. Earrings are one of those pieces are jewelry that is probably the easiest to wear again out of the bunch. Diamond earrings can be worn at any point in time to bling up your outfit just a bit, or pearls can add a touch of class as well. No matter what, keep those earrings from your wedding day! There are certain to come in very handy again and again!
  • wedding braceletBracelets. No matter what style of bracelet that you choose to go with your wedding gown, there's a really great chance that you can wear it over and over again. Silver, gold, multi-colored and layered? Not a problem as each of those options can be matched and worn with so many different outfits.
  • wedding headbandHeadband. If you've ever seen a headband that is laced with jewels, then you know how beautiful wedding headbands can truly be. And the great thing about them? They can really help to dress up any sort of outfit. Add a bit of flair to your summer wardrobe every once in a while by adding your jeweled headband to your fashion rotation.
  • necklace for your weddingNecklace. Having a great wedding necklace to match your dress is a must. But then being able to find a necklace that not only rocks your wedding day but also rocks your look long after your big day? That can be more of a challenge. Luckily, there are a ton of different necklace options out there to choose from when trying to decide. A simple gold chain, a locket, or one with a few more stones and diamonds are all great choices when it comes to your wedding day. And the great part about all those styles of necklaces is that they are easy to wear with many other different outfits. 
  • Toe Rings. I know, I know. Toe rings can be a total hit or miss, but if you have gotten an awesome pedicure for your big day, why not emphasize those beautifully polished toes? And the great part about a toe ring is that it screams summer fun as well. Toe rings don't have to match any type of wardrobe at all. As long as you are wearing shoes that show off your toes, there is always room for a toe ring!
  • wedding broochPins. Wanting to wear a beautiful brooch pin on your wedding day? Have fun deciding the one that is perfect for you! Once you start doing your research you'll be amazed at all the options that are out there. And choose wisely because there's a good chance that you'll be able to wear that pin over and over again as well!

Planning and purchasing wedding jewelry that you can wear over and over again is a simple and great idea. Choose styles that not only complement your wedding day but also complement you and your life after that day. And remember, ultimately the decision is up to you on whether or not to wear your wedding jewelry again. If you have the opportunity to rock that look again and feel like a princess, why wouldn't you?

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Jennifer Feldstein